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Shrimp & Lobster Sauce ▲

The Place: Chinese Express

601 Arthur Street West 475-8833 The Price:

$23.95 The Basics:

Shrimp, ground pork, egg, and red and green peppers in a spicy bean sauce The Lowdown:

Better bring a friend along for dinner because this is a meal all its own! Chinese Express’s owner/operator Kim

Lai puts a Thunder Bay spin on this hearty dish originating from her roots in central Vietnam. Chinese Express’s version of the classic shrimp and lobster sauce goes heavy on the shrimp and uses ground pork as a flavourful substitute—a necessary change due to the difficulty of sourcing lobster. This dish is a great example of how simple ingredients can quickly be transformed in a wok by a knowledgeable chef. Big bites of red and green peppers, giant shrimp, egg, and ground pork are wok-fried to maintain their juicy perfection. Tying it all together is a black bean sauce that nicely balances sweet, savoury, and a hint of smoke. The next step is to divide the pot of steaming rice between friends (evenly, if you can) and add spoonfuls of the meaty, savoury sauce until you’re satisfied.

- Review by Justin Allec,

Photo by Ryan Hill





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