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What’s your style/genre? PowerCountry™—it is best experienced, not described. What’s new? Our singer Tim Albertson just released a new single a few weeks ago. “Did It for a Girl” is available on all the major platforms. We have a new guitarist in the band, Andrew Edwards. He brings decades of twang-bangin’ country experience. How long have you been around? Since 2016. Best song you’ve written? Tim Albertson has one coming out next year that is our favourite right now. Favourite song you cover? Kiss, “Detroit Rock City.” We were asked to have a few rock songs for a private gig, and what’s more rock than that song? If you could collaborate with any musician/band, living or dead, who would it be and why? We would absolutely cream for a chance to play with The Highwaymen. Four legends of country music, self-explanatory. What would be your dream gig? The CLE 2024—hint hint! What’s the best thing about performing live shows? The energy. Meeting new people as well. Whether it’s another band, production, fans, or vendors, we have met so many awesome people and formed great relationships. Where do you draw inspiration from in your music? As a cover band, we have quite a process when choosing songs. We listen to the crowds more than anything. What do you hope people take away from your music? A new outlook on country music. We hear it every show: “You know I don’t really like country music, but you guys were awesome!” Contact: