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What’s your style/genre? Traditional Celtic. What’s new? I have just gotten back from spending a month in Scotland and Ireland, ready with lots of ideas to start writing new songs. We have plans to start recording new material soon. How long have you been around? We have all been playing traditional Celtic music for a majority of our lives but we got together as a group in February 2023. Best song you’ve written? “Rivers Won’t Flow” is the most well-received song, but “Hanged for the Sea,” musically, is my favourite I’ve written. Favourite song you cover? Our favourite right now is “Spancil Hill”: a story of a young man who has come across the ocean to try to make a living in California but dreams of going home to Ireland. If you could collaborate with any musician/band, living or dead, who would it be and why? Probably The Pogues. They did an excellent job of bringing traditional music into the mainstream spotlight and Shane MacGowan’s poetic genius is unmatched. What would be your dream gig? Playing at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow would be incredible. They bring together some of the top Celtic musicians from all over the world. What’s the best thing about performing live shows? For hundreds of years the people of the British Isles have relied on music and storytelling as their form of entertainment. We enjoy continuing the tradition of playing music that brings people together. Where do you draw inspiration from in your music? I often try to weave personal experiences with traditional themes from Scotland and Ireland. Some are stories of historic moments and others are the day-to-day struggles people go through. What do you hope people take away from your music? There’s beauty in sadness. Without the darkness and sadness you can never truly appreciate the happiness of life. Although a lot of our lyrics are quite melancholic, the music is upbeat and there are always moments where the characters in the music find happiness in their situations. Contacts: @Loughlin_music Spotify/Apple Music: Connor Loughlin