The Circle of Life

All the DAZE Productions brings Lion King Jr. to Thunder Bay

Story by Kelsey Raynard, Photos by Dan Lloyd



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Since 2016, All the DAZE Productions has been an important part of the musical theatre scene for youth in our city. Now, they are bringing one of their biggest shows yet to the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium: Lion King Jr. Founder Marcia Arpin has seen multiple classes of students move through her programs, and with this number continuing to grow, she says that they need to bring in scripts that cater to a diversity of ages and roles. Lion King Jr. will feature an impressive 50 actors on stage, all between the ages of seven and 17. Even the backstage crew is made up largely of people who have been with All the DAZE since the beginning, or are graduates who have returned to help the organization continue to flourish. Arpin explains that such is the circle of life in the theatre community—as actors grow up in the theatre environment, they broaden the horizons of what the organization can accomplish, all while passing the torch to the younger actors who will one day become teachers themselves. The parallels between this story and the story of Lion King Jr. are not lost on Arpin either. “It is symbolic, and it wasn’t an accident,” she laughs. “This show is a full circle moment, and this is one of the main messages of the play.” Just as Lion King Jr. stresses the importance of community, Arpin also emphasizes that it truly does take a village to make a production of this scale come to life. “I want to thank Neighbourly Realty as our show sponsor. Our shows wouldn't go on without our parental support, our community support and the support from our sponsors. We can never say thank you enough,” she says. With dancing, singing, gymnastics, puppetry, and more, Arpin promises that there is something for everyone at this show. Plus, at an hour in length, it is the perfect outing for theatre lovers young and old. Lion King Jr. runs December 2 and 3 at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Tickets are $25 each, available at