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Jack Hamlin’s Landscape Photography Showcases Natural Beauty

Story by Bonnie Schiedel,

Looking at Jack Hamlin’s landscape photos tends to make you think, “I can’t believe I get to live in such a beautiful place.” His composition often has the perennially soul-satisfying combination of sky meeting water, with plenty of texture and saturated colours. “I grew up here in Thunder Bay and I fished down by the waterfront; I was always down there,” he says. “It’s just such a beautiful place and I just love being by the water.”

Hamlin’s interest in photography began nearly three decades ago, when he became a dad and he went out and bought a digital camera from Greg at Imagetech. He’s been taking pictures ever since, learning by trial and error and gradually shifting from hockey tournaments and family vacation snaps to the landscapes of Northwestern Ontario. Hamlin owns Prestige Painting, and being outdoors and taking photos in his downtime offers a restorative break after a hectic day of running a small business.

“I grab my camera and I just go for a hike, and if I see something I’ll spend two, three hours in one spot taking 200 or 300 photos from different angles and different lighting,” he says. “That’s what I love to do: just get out in nature and walk. It’s exercise, plus it clears your mind.” Or, he may go for a drive and scout a location first, with his two shelties as co-pilots. Silver Harbour Conservation Area, Chippewa Park, and the Pigeon River border area are favourite destinations. Next up: driving the circle tour around Lake Superior with his wife Jodi, taking pictures along the way, of course.

Four years ago, Hamlin began selling calendars as a way to raise funds to donate to local organizations, like Ka-NaChi-Hih Treatment Centre and Beendigen. He also donates photos printed on metal to local fundraisers. “The city’s been good to me with my business, and it’s just my way of giving back,” he says. “Why take pictures if you can’t share them with everybody?”

To see more of Jack Hamlin’s work, search for Jack Hamlin Landscape Photography on Facebook or visit @jackhamlinphotography on Instagram.





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