Stuff We Like

For Getting Through November

By Kelsey Raynard



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Apologies to all the Scorpios out there, but for many of us, November can be a bit tough. Our short autumn season is basically gone, it is too early to start getting ready for the holidays, and most of us retreat inside to brace ourselves for the impending cold weather and snow. But fear not, fellow readers of The Walleye—I am here to share a little retail therapy that can help brighten even the gloomiest of days. Here is Stuff We Like for Getting Through November. Coola Sunless Tanner 1 Ritual Skin Co. 8 Court Street South Of all the things I mourn after summer is over, my tan is usually high on the list. Keep that summer glow going with Coola’s sunless tan sculpting mousse, available at Ritual Skin Co. Made with certified organic and natural ingredients, this sunless tanner is the healthiest way to extend your tan into the winter months. Bonus: the piña colada smell might even transport you to a sunnier place (at least temporarily). $70 Tropic Thunder Shake 2 The Growing Season 201 Algoma Street South Brighten your spirits with a Tropic Thunder shake from The Growing Season. While a bright, fruity smoothie can most definitely boost your mood, the health benefits are an added bonus. Made with mango, pineapple, banana, oat milk, and whey powder, the Tropic Thunder shake is the perfect way to boost your nutrition as the weather cools down and cold and flu season approaches. Pre-Owned 3 Tablet/iPad Marnics Mobile 910 Memorial Avenue When the weather outside is frightful, binge Netflix. (That’s how the song goes, right?) Long November nights mean more time to catch up on your favourite shows on a pre-owned tablet from Marnics Mobile. These tablets are certified pre-owned, fully tested, and come with a one-year warranty, bringing you all the tech you need at a fraction of the price. $Various Luxe Plush Robe 4 J.B. Evans 122 Frederica Street West November is the time to indulge in all things fuzzy. Fuzzy blankets, fuzzy socks—why not add a fuzzy robe to the list? The Luxe plush robe by P.J. Salvage (available at J.B. Evans) is like wrapping yourself in a warm hug—the kind of self-care we can get behind. Made from 100% poly silk blend, one touch and you’ll be sold. $140 Pineapple Shimmer 5 Nourishing Lip Balm Lovely Body 266 Red River Road Dry, chapped lips are just one of the many joyous side effects we get to experience as we move into the winter months. Fight back against the cold November air with a Pineapple Shimmer nourishing lip balm by Lovely Body. These balms are made with a blend of oils and vitamin E to keep your lips feeling smooth and healthy, while their biodegradable, pale gold shimmer give your lips a subtle pop. Hot Yoga 6 The Bodymind Centre 105 Villa Street #8 Goodbye cold weather, hello hot yoga! Get your sweat on at one of the many hot and warm yoga classes offered at The Bodymind Centre. Their wide variety of classes mean that yogis of all ages and experience levels are welcome, while their heated studio helps to loosen tight muscles and improve flexibility. With drop-in passes and various membership options, this is one surefire way to warm up this November. $18 drop-in passes Spicy Caesar 7 Barkeep 15C St. Paul Street Warm yourself from the inside out with a spicy Caesar from Barkeep. Their house-made Caesar mix is loaded with flavours of bright tomato juice, savoury fish sauce, tangy pickle brine, classic Worcestershire sauce, and a whole lot of Heartbeat habanero hot sauce. This cocktail is a great reason to brave the cold and venture downtown for a night out, but for those looking to stay in, jars of mix are available to purchase and take home. $12 cocktail/$15 1L jar Tropical Houseplant 8 Thuja Floral Design 285 Bay Street While the changing autumn leaves are a welcome sight for many, the bare branches of November leave something to be desired. Bring some greenery back into your life with a tropical houseplant from Thuja Floral Design. From brightly coloured foliage to minimalistic succulents, Thuja’s wide variety of plants are guaranteed to brighten up your living space. (Bonus points if you can keep it alive throughout the winter!) $Various