Jewels of Crown Bringing Vintage Glam to Goods & Co.

By Kelsey Raynard



Superior Outdoors


Many of the sellers we have featured in Second Chances operate primarily online, partly due to the move away from in-store shopping during 2020 and 2021. However, local thrifters now have a new physical space to visit on their next hunt for vintage goods, as Jewels of Crown has officially moved their studio into Goods & Co. Market for a brand new shopping experience alongside North Shore Jewelry. Jewels of Crown owner Carly Vieira has been a trailblazer in the thrifting renaissance we have been enjoying here in Thunder Bay, and Jewels of Crown has been around (in some iteration or another) for over 10 years. From a personal closet of thrifted goods and a booth at the Thunder Bay Country Market to an online store and a weekend studio, Vieira says that her business has evolved with her through the varying stages of her life. And now, the thrift store many of us have come to love is entering another era. Jewels of Crown celebrated its grand opening in Goods & Co. with North Shore Jewelry on October 6, and Vieira says that the two businesses coming together was a natural fit. “First of all, I don’t do vintage jewelry; that’s another world completely,” she laughs. “I’ve always thought it would be a great partnership to work with someone who does jewelry, because people come in looking for both. Together we have this harmoniously curated space.” In addition to the expanded options for her shoppers, Vieira also says that she is excited for the opportunity to connect with her customers on a more regular basis. “I am so looking forward to being available and accessible five days a week now,” she says. “In the new space, customers can expect a higher turnover as well; because the space is smaller, the amount of product I can keep out is limited. I think it will be evolving all the time.” Jewels of Crown is no stranger to Goods & Co., as the studio has been a part of past Walk-In Closet events hosted within the market. However, Vieira is excited to call the market home for the foreseeable future. “I have to give a shout out to Goods & Co. It’s such a great local space, and so beautiful too,” she says. “I think it perfectly represents my business as well; the people who shop here are the same type of people who come to my shop. Sharing a space with all of these lovely people just makes sense.” As for the future, Vieira hopes that Jewels of Crown continues to grow and evolve with the different stages of her life (as it always has), and we couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter. Visit Jewels of Crown in Goods & Co. Market (251 Red River Road) and follow @jewels_of_crown on Instagram for updates and #inspo.