Empowerment Through Reinvention

New Singles and Videos from stardrop

Story by Jason Wellwood, Photos by Scott MacKay



Superior Outdoors



Sometimes it’s meeting the right people at the right time that really makes a project click. Such is the case with stardrop. It was meeting and working with producers Tennyson King and Dan Hosh that helped to refine her music, and then working with videographer Scott MacKay really brought stardrop to life. “I wanted to step into something bigger than me,” says the artist formerly known as Danielle Pollari. While she calls her prestardrop projects “cringey,” it was her love of acting, art, and music that planted the seed of who stardrop is. Taking the messages she was writing in her music and embodying them fully, bringing them to life, being powerful, fearless, and larger than life, was the goal. "We went into the studio to make an R&B record, and this was during COVID, but in the process it became a pop record,” she says. “Happier, honest, and cheeky.” In fact, the video for “Juicy,” released in August and shot at the CLE, is a perfect encapsulation of this: it’s bright, vivid, bouncy, and stardrop’s smile is honest and instantly infectious. “Crown On” is the latest video release from stardrop and tells a tale many of us know so well: we really want to do something great, but feel like we aren’t worthy. It’s a story of empowerment, self love, and knowing your worth. Many of us can relate to lip syncing into a broom handle— though not all of us have done it to an audience in a bowling alley, as she does in the video. While stardrop’s music this time around is pure pop, there’s room for experimentation in dance, jazz, and R&B, which may also happen. In the meantime, seven songs were completed from the original sessions, so more singles and videos are to come before all of them are released as an album. As an independent artist, funding and time can make things slower to arrive than desired. However, stardrop is aiming to tour in 2024, and while we may have to wait to see the songs performed live, the work behind the scenes continues so that the message, the music, and the visuals are all a cohesive experience. To stay up with the latest on stardrop, go to facebook.com/artist. stardrop, or follow her on Instagram @stardrop.music.