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Borderline Salty

-Andrea Lysenko

Carla Lalli Music and Rick Martinez

When it comes to cooking, there’s always something new to learn or exciting to try. Music and Martinez, the co-hosts of Borderline Salty, are enthusiastic cookbook authors and selfdescribed “food detectives” who help listeners revive their love for food and introduce recipes that have no boundaries. Guests join in frequently to help keep the perspectives fresh as well as share personal cooking experiences, no matter how disastrous or bizarre. I love the segment “This Week’s Recipe Book,” where contributors give up their all-time favourites, building a solid fan base and keeping those creative juices flowing. There’s also a bunch of episodes on spices—how to choose them wisely and the magical powers they possess to completely turn a dish around. “Don’t Give up on Fungi”and “Jalapeño Hands Won’t Stop the Party” are just a few examples of the foodie-fun episodes to be had on Borderline Salty.

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