Healing Power

Terra Lightfoot

-Sidney Ulakovic



Superior Outdoors



Terra Lightfoot’s staple electric guitar and soaring vocals remain at the forefront of her fifth studio album, Healing Power, which was conceptualized during a lengthy world tour. Healing Power’s opening tracks feel breathless, as though you’re rushing to keep up in her frenzied world. This project marks Lightfoot’s third collaboration with producer Gus van Go, and it’s clear the pair continue to build upon their creative chemistry. Lightfoot and Van Go play with pacing throughout the project; vocal layering on the album’s livelier tracks amplifies Lightfoot’s sound while also providing the opportunity to explore more subdued valleys after reaching some of the album’s vocal and instrumental peaks. Healing Power boasts clever hooks throughout, and each song is distinguished from the last, with the album as a whole still remaining incredibly cohesive as each song melts into the next. At most times Lightfoot is snappy, racing, and passionate. Healing Power bursts with energy, and, admittedly, it’s hard not to tap your feet along, but when Lightfoot does take a moment to breathe, the album is graced with little moments of tenderness that invite listeners to root themselves in the world she’s built.