Bide Your Time


-Jason Wellwood



Superior Outdoors


The second EP release this year from Canada’s Skydiggers features another engrossing, entertaining set of songs. Lead-off song “Employee of the Myth” is instantly catchy, and the storytelling and its folky feel sets the tone for the songs to follow: uplifting, heartbreaking, and sometimes surprising (the horn in “One Song at a Time” was a fantastic addition). The feel of classic Skydiggers is here, building from sparse folk to a little more filled-out folk rock, the songs all feeling like they would be just as at home around a campfire as they would on a big stage. Skydiggers have always been great at telling stories through song, and the only real issue with Bide Your Time is that it feels too short. Which isn’t a bad problem to have at all— in fact, for vinyl enthusiasts, both EPs were combined and released as a special vinyl release on November 1.