ZOE Science & Nutrition

Jonathan Wolf

-Andrea Lysenko



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Ever wonder how long is too long to have diarrhea? Or what the acute and long-term impacts of eating too fast really are? And what does organic really mean? These and many other common (and sometimes uncomfortable) questions are answered on ZOE Science & Nutrition. Every episode brings forward a crew of specialists who teach you how to eat, age, and care for yourself in positive and attainable ways. I enjoy the quick-fire questions in the beginning, which get the listener pumped up for the information to come, and help start a wave of pondering. I recently listened to the gut microbiome episode and was fascinated by the impact that our tummy-bound microbes have on not only on digestion (which most already knew), but also on brain health and even forecasting potential health issues decades in advance. Wolf presents easy-to-understand information that is relatable and applicable to everyday life, making this podcast a keeper.