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The story “Welcome Aboard” on pp.14–15 in our August issue contained a number of errors. The Welcome Ship was 75 feet, not 56, and had a capacity of 200 passengers, not 50. Bert Styff was also an original owner of the vessel along with Roland Mann and Elliott Dawson, when they had the ship built and brought up from southern Ontario, while Richard and Joan Johns were also partners with Jack and Norma Gurney when they purchased the Welcome Ship. Tours on the Welcome Ship did not continue in Thunder Bay after it was sold in the early 1990s, and Doug Stanton never owned the Welcome. He purchased another vessel in the early 2000s, which he named Pioneer II. Finally, the former owners state that the Welcome Ship Ltd. company did not directly fund environmental causes as stated in the story. The ship—outside of its usual tours— could be privately chartered for a variety of purposes, and, according to a statement provided to The Walleye, that “what people did with any money they obtained from chartering the boat was up to them. Welcome Ship Ltd. did not support nor fund any type of charters.”