Franco Masdea Fried Chicken Sandwich



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The Place: Daytona’s 965A Cobalt Crescent 622 2169 The Price: $17.50 The Basics: Buttermilk fried chicken, hot + honey sauce, house pickles, ancho mayo, slaw, and provolone, served on a kaiser The Lowdown: This bestselling fried chicken sandwich was named after the head chef at Tomlin, Franco Masdea, and features a hot + honey sauce and some of Franco’s favourite sandwich ingredients. This finely crafted sandwich provides a unique blend of flavours that will undoubtedly have you coming back to try again. The sandwich provides a stunning combination of buttermilk fried chicken, sweet honey, spice, and the crunch of the slaw all held together in a fresh kaiser bun. This is an exploration of flavours and taste with the initial burst of buttermilk, spice, and honey balanced with the sharp provolone cheese and dill pickles. The fresh, crispy onion rings as a side are the perfect accompaniment. -Review by Daniel Griffin, Photo by Lois Nuttall