Grilled Shrimp Po-boy Sandwich



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The Place: Cajun Fuzion 116 Syndicate Avenue South 577-2223 The Price: $17.95 The Basics: Shrimp in Cajun butter sauce, remoulade aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles on a toasted baguette The Lowdown: Gloriously messy, this version of the classic Louisiana sandwich contains some local touches, including a baguette from Agostino’s Deli and housemade pickles. The sweetness of the nicely sauteed shrimp is complemented by the mild kick of Cajun spices in both the butter sauce (made with cream, parmesan, lobster base, and chicken stock) and the remoulade aioli (described by chef Kalada Miadonye as a “Cajun tartar sauce”). Pair it with your choice of sides, including sweet potato and plantain mash, Cajun fried rice, homemade buttermilk biscuits, crab bisque, or Cajun sweet potato wedges. Be sure to tuck that napkin under your chin. Takeout and delivery only. -Review by Bonnie Schiedel, Photo by Laura Paxton