Chicken Parmesan Philly Style Sandwich



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The Place: NYS Restaurant (formerly New York Sub) 110 Brodie Street North 622-0077 The Price: $9.75 for 8”, $11.99 for 12” The Basics: Deep fried chicken cutlets, marinara sauce, melted mozzarella, parmesan (“the traditional”) plus the Philly part: green peppers, mushrooms, and onion sautéed in garlic butter with garlic basil mayo The Lowdown: This popular spot on the city’s south side is best known for its subs as its nowformer name would suggest, but there are also pizzas, wraps, flatbreads, burgers, salads, and other sandwiches on the menu. What you will not find on the menu, though, is its signature sub: a crispy, saucy, hot, and melty, just-right Philly chicken parm. Co-owner Joanna Pellegrino says that neither she nor her husband Frank or Frank’s brother Joe can recall how it came to be so popular. As Joanna puts it, it just became. When offered to people ordering the traditional version, about eight out of 10 have opted to try the Philly. The rest is history. And a mystery. -Review by Pat Forrest, Photo by Darren McChristie