Hot Italian Sandwich



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The Place: Sweet North Bakery 10 Court Street South 344-3430 The Price: $11.50 The Basics: Housemade capocollo, smoked salami, homemade antipasto, marinara sauce, mozzarella, and herb mayo, on a toasted pretzel bun The Lowdown: The first hot sandwich to be offered on Sweet North’s menu back in early 2015 has remained its most popular among customers, and it’s easy to see why. The hot Italian sandwich balances crispy and gooey textures perfectly while indulging you with the flavours of fresh capocollo, smoked salami, and an awesome marinara sauce, all with a spicy kick. The homemade antipasto in the mix just puts everything over the top. Anyone craving a toasted sandwich would be well served giving this one a try, and you can now look for it, and their other pretzel sammies, at Sweet North’s Fort William Road drive-through location as well. -Review by Matt Prokopchuk, Photo by Ryan Hill