The Seler 75

Seler Restaurant & Wine

Story by Jeannie Dubois, Photo by Jack Barten



Superior Outdoors


Acool rocks glass is placed on the table, with a sultry pastel ombre shining through the twinkle of ice. Under the tantalizing twist of lemon, sheer silver floats above the nuanced indigo that bleeds softly into the warm rose tone that anchors the bottom of the glass. But wait! We’re only getting started. Looks aren’t everything, but this 75 is already clocking a cool 100 and it hasn’t even been tasted yet. Aromatically, it yields a bright citrus zing with a hint of the mellow floral notes that will surely follow. On the palate, it blends in not one, but two full flavoured gins: dry Beefeater out of London and full-flavoured Empress from British Columbia (the rich blue tone is from pea blossoms). Next swirls in the round elderflower notes from the St. Germain and it finishes with a little citrus kick and a tickle of pétillant from the shot of Prosecco. The Seler 75 adds up to a tasteful cocktail that has no shortage of flavour and aroma, and complements the delicious, seafood-forward fare that is on offer alongside it. Enticing to the eye, excellent in the delivery, 75 is the mark to aim for at Seler. Seler Restaurant & Wine 28 Cumberland Street North 767-3537