PicnicReady Sippers

Superior Sandwich Pairings

By Jeannie Dubois, Certified Pommelier and Sommelier



Superior Outdoors



Alas, Thunder Bay, the dusky twilight at night is inching ever earlier and we are well on our way to (blessedly?) falling back into our autumn routines. The bounty of harvest season will soon be upon us, and we will have the delight of leaves turning to burnished shades. Until then, let’s revel in the warmth of the sun, the bright evenings we can still enjoy, and hold forth for the love of our northern autumn. A long-standing tradition in our little home come this time of year is to pull out our beloved blanket roll, load into the car, and grab up some easy take-away for toe dipping at Centennial or sunset splashing at the Cascades. A most-favoured selection is a delectable sandwich—hand-held and mostly mess-free, stuffed with an assortment of satisfying ingredients, all delivered between delicious regionally relevant bread. Craving a cocktail for that backyard blanket roll/sandwich sit-in or want to pick a pairing for that satisfying sandwich/on the deck time? Look no further!