Swell Bakery

Story and photos by Jack Barten



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Since opening in January 2020, Swell Bakery has become a staple for those looking for pastry in Thunder Bay. Owner and operator Emily Kohne started baking at a young age, and it quickly developed into a passion as she traveled the world picking up techniques and teaching herself along the way. Swell Bakery has developed a strong reputation, and people will form long lines out the door in the hopes of snagging a pastry before they sell out. On a busy Saturday morning, right when the doors opened at 9 am, people flood in, filling the small bakery as Kohne continues to pull pastries out of the oven to keep up. “Today I got here at 12 am to start getting everything ready,” she says while dancing around her kitchen, flipping trays and finishing pastry. Kohne had been at work for nearly 10 hours already, and that dedication is without a doubt reflected in the quality of her pastries. For those looking to join the race, Swell Bakery is open Thursday to Saturday at 9 am.