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This month we asked The Walleye readers: What is your favourite sandwich, and why?

Interviews and photos by Olivia Bosma



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Cheryl: My favourite sandwich is just a good old-fashioned ham and cheese. It is simple but it is just really tasty. Joanne: I think my favourite sandwich would be a toasted tomato sandwich. When it is made from a fresh garden tomato and then a little salt, it’s a really good sandwich—more so in the summertime when the tomatoes are growing. Ciara: My favourite sandwich is the Franco Masdea fried chicken sandwich from Daytona’s. It is so good! I had it on my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and the chicken was just so crispy and it had pickles on it and arugula. I just really liked it. Michael: My favourite sandwich is the Lucy Special from Agostino’s. It is phenomenal. I stopped in before catching a flight one time for lunch and just the whole experience was awesome. Great sandwich and great experience! Estelle: My favourite sandwich is a Reuben. I just like how it can be done on rye or on marble bread and I just like the taste of the corned beef and the sauerkraut. It’s just a good sandwich, I like everything about it.” Stephanie: I had a year of being vegan, and during that time I realized that vegan bologna tastes the same as regular bologna. So, my favourite sandwich is a vegan bologna sandwich with cheese, pickles, mayo, and mustard. It’s just so good.