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Stuff We Like for Oktoberfest

By Kelsey Raynard



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For many of us in Northwestern Ontario, the transition from summer to fall is rather bittersweet. But you know what helps ease that transition? Beer. And good food. And more beer. Enter: Oktoberfest. Originating in 1810 in Munich, Oktoberfest actually starts in mid-to-late September and is one of the largest Volksfests (or beer festivals) in the world. So, with a stein full of stout and a barbecue full of bratwurst, here is Stuff We Like for Oktoberfest. 1 Oktoberfest Glass Stein Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. 712 Macdonell Street The tradition of enjoying beer from a stein dates back to the 13th century, and actually started in an effort to combat health problems related to the bubonic plague (thanks Google!). While we may not share these same 13th-century problems, I promise that you will enjoy drinking from this stein long after Oktoberfest is over. $12 2 Lakeside Kolsch 4-Pack Lake of the Woods Brewing Company 350 Second Street South, Kenora/ This one feels a bit obvious. Beer has been an essential component of Oktoberfest since the festival’s inception. While you could pick up a traditional German lager at the LCBO, there’s no reason why you can’t mix in a few local hits as well. Originating from the Cologne region of Germany, Kolsch is a crisp, bright, easy-drinking beer that is perfect for celebrating Oktoberfest. Cheers—or prost in German! $12.45 3 PartySmart “Hangover Cure” Tim’s Whole Health 160 Waterloo Street South Here at Stuff We Like, there is no judgement. So, if you accidentally overindulged during Oktoberfest, we have your back. Tim’s Whole Health carries the perfect cure for any morningafter woes you might be feeling. The PartySmart “Hangover Cure'' is full of plant-based ingredients like chicory and grape extract, so keep this in your pocket to keep the party going all festival long. $2.99 4 Lined Knit Sweater with Hood Egli’s Sheep Farm 20232 Highway 17 West, Minnitaki/ If you have a spare pair of lederhosen in your closet, I salute you. For the rest of us, we still want to celebrate Oktoberfest in style. Egli’s lined knit sweater is made from 100% natural Icelandic wool with traditional Icelandic patterns, keeping you warm during those ever-colder September nights. Available in sizes Small to XX Large. $260.00 5 Sausages Bay Meats Butcher Shop 282 Bay Street Despite the fact that Oktoberfest is usually synonymous with beer, food is still an extremely important part of these celebrations. In Germany, the most iconic traditional fare has to be the sausage. Here in Thunder Bay, you can grill up a variety of delicious sausages from Bay Meats. Locally made and perfectly spiced, they are an essential Oktoberfest party food. $Various 6 Turun Sinappia Mustard Maltese Grocery 301 Pearl Street Germany isn’t the only European country that celebrates the coming of fall with Oktoberfest, and with such a large Finnish population here in Thunder Bay, it only feels right to include them as well. Top your Oktoberfest sausages with this delicious Finnish mustard from Maltese; available in a variety of spice levels, Turun Sinappia is sure to become a staple in your condiment rotation. $6.89 7 “Plain Jane” Sauerkraut Narrow Gate Foods Often referred to as “the soul of German food,” an Oktoberfest celebration just isn’t complete without some sauerkraut. Beyond its traditional origins, sauerkraut also boasts a long list of health benefits, including tonnes of probiotics, vitamins, and nutrients. After all of that beer, your stomach will thank you. $10 8 Pelican 14 Quart Personal Cooler Gear Up for Outdoors 894 Alloy Place Pelican has self-proclaimed this the “world’s most versatile personal cooler,” and we may just have to agree! This 14-quart cooler comes complete with 1.5”-thick polyurethane walls, a freezer gasketed lid, a builtin handle, storage, basket, and cup holder—and even a bottle opener. Bring this with you all Oktoberfest long to keep your party fare cool. $139.95