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Going Back to the Basics

For more information, visit or visit their booth at the market. Story by Olivia Bosma



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In recent years, knowing the ingredients in the food you are eating has become more important than ever. There are new health tips to follow, such as “if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t ingest it.” This is the inspiration behind local business and Thunder Bay Country Market vendor Prosperity Blends. Formed in 2019 by friends Melanie Hopkins and Leafy ShawHusfeldt, Prosperity Blends is helping to bring back allnatural real food essentials to ensure the food your family is eating is both delicious and as natural as it can be. “We met about 16 years ago at a local holistic health workshop for energy and transformational wellness,” says Shaw-Husfeldt. “Apart from our shared interest in health, what really started our friendship was that she and her husband relocated here from Germany and ended up in the rural sticks of Nolalu, which I just found so interesting and bizarre, and it all took off from there.” After hitting it off at the workshop, both women, who grew up in homes very conscious of using natural ingredients, continued educating themselves on creating a clean and healthy diet for themselves and their families. “One thing we really started doing was taking the time to read all of the ingredients on the labels of what we were buying at the grocery store,” says Shaw-Husfeldt. “Many people do not realize the amount of chemicals or additional additives in many ingredients. So, we started to create clean and healthy recipes, but didn’t want to lose any flavour, which is why we started experimenting with creating and storing our own blends of herbs and spices.” With their mantra being about going back to the basics, Hopkins and ShawHusfeldt have now created more than 24 delicious blends of all-natural herbs and spices which are available for purchase at their market booth. “We offer pure and natural ingredients that make your food taste really good,” says Shaw-Husfeldt. “You can find anything from garlic dill, which is a family favourite, to a Superior steak spice, everything seasoning, Mexican spice blends, Asian spice blends, some curry blends, Cajun, lemon dill, and many more.” In today’s day and age, trying to keep food as natural as possible can be a challenge. Prosperity Blends has made it that much easier and put you one step closer to achieving a wholesome and clean diet, with amazing flavour.