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Neil Young This album is 21 years late and worth the wait, like vintage Crazy Horse pulled from the wine cellar. If you are a fan, you are a subscriber to neilyoungchannel on YouTube and have heard it; if you are not you won’t. So fans: put on your plaid shirt, head up to the old barn, breathe in the smell of hay, and let old Neil Young rock you into a soothing, comfortable daze. Much here is the grinding of emotional grist in need of a really good hook, but his uncompromising commitment to honesty is courageous. He is waging heavy peace by musically baring his anger, hurt, and tenderness, and even hinting at his dark side. Best song is the time trippin’ “Goin’ Home,” with a great beat stolen from Hollywood movie themes. This groove is quintessential Crazy Horse driving you elsewhen and back. After that, it’s more dreamy meandering with a little blueshaded trumpet woven in for production value. Overall, I get the feeling that these tracks are laid down toward the end of a recording session slightly after the peak. You know, like when you are, you know… toast.