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Walter Trout On Ride, Walter Trout’s 30th solo album, the blues/ rock icon asks us to stand strong during troubled times. Plumbing his traumatic childhood and a career now five decades long, his storytelling is deeply personal yet broadly universal. Trout’s ability as a guitarist to coax every syllable of emotion from a bent note is as awesome as ever. Surprisingly, his vocals are most compelling on the two tender tracks “Waiting For The Dawn” and the closing “Destiny.” “Ghosts” tells of familiar songs that haunt our memories, while the train-themed title track is a multi-metaphor that plays on escape, music, and life. Calling out to a mother who could have been more protective, “Hey Mama” reconciles blame and forgiveness. Still, Trout is at his very best when he cuts loose on the rock and roll of “Leave It All Behind.” It’s why fans love him so.