The Kill List

-Andrea Lysenko



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Mary Lynk The Kill List is a gripping sixpart CBC series that uncovers widespread abductions and killings of dissidents within Pakistan, and the risks many take by fleeing to the west and exposing the corruption within the Pakistani state. Mary Lynk starts her investigation when human rights activist Karima Baloch is found drowned near the shores of Toronto. Although authorities initially dismissed foul play, Baloch’s mysterious death leads Lynk all the way back to Pakistan, where she discovers a terrifying intelligence agency and their “kill list.” Many who were closest to Karima have taken huge risks by speaking out in order to raise awareness, seek justice, and honour their courageous friend. The Kill List started as an inquiry and quickly transformed into a captivating yet tragic story of the reality many citizens from Pakistan face. It’s a truly moving dedication to these brave and tenacious women.