Pre Pleasure

-Jamie Varga



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Julia Jacklin If you are like me and are getting to the Julia Jacklin party a bit late, her third album, Pre Pleasure was released on August 26 and all things considered, it makes for an excellent first taste. Written upon her return home to the Blue Mountains in Australia from a world tour, the latest record is already becoming a fan favourite, with early tracks like “Lydia Wears a Cross,” “Love, Try Not to Let it Go,” and “I Was Neon,” receiving acclaim in music circles of every shape and size. Often billed as a blend of folk and pop music, it could be simply stated that Jacklin is writing euphonious excellence that takes the listener to another plane, as all great music should. Canadian fans who want to see a songwriting legend in the making can experience Pre Pleasure live in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver in the beginning of September as she goes around the world again, and it is safe to say you won’t be disappointed.