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OFF THE WALL REVIEWS Ron Sexsmith I’ve always thought Ron Sexsmith is one of Canada’s best songwriters. Many other musicians agree: Rod Stewart, Emmylou Harris, Feist, and a long list of others have all covered his songs. That creative brilliance continues on his new album The Vivian Line. I really like it for a number of reasons. There is a gentle warmth to many of the songs here. His vocals shine on both the heartfelt ballads and the catchy uptempo tunes. The production is clean and uncluttered, with some great background harmonies. There’s a Beatlesque vibe to some of the songs with orchestral backing. Favourite tunes include the ballad “Place Called Love” and “This, That And The Other Thing,” which has a calypso vibe with some serious drums and bass. Check out the song “What I Had In Mind” on YouTube. If you’re looking for a soothing balm after a stressful day, this album fits the bill. Fans of Ron Sexsmith won’t be disappointed in The Vivian Line, and If you’re new to his music then this is a great place to start.