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The Place: Rose Valley Lodge 56 Rose Valley Road 473-5448 The Price: $59 The Basics: A five-course dinner featuring braised short ribs served with creamy mashed potatoes, carrots, and cucumbers The Lowdown: Rose Valley Lodge is the epitome of slow food. Their five-course dinners are prepared and served by owners Markus and Deborah Hofmann over two hours (or more—they won’t rush you if you savour every morsel). While not all of their dishes are Swiss like Markus, each has a distinct European flair. This sumptuous meal includes fresh bread, velvety sweet potato soup, light and crisp Napa cabbage salad, and delicately flavoured pasta tossed in mascarpone cheese topped with balsamic tomatoes and sage bread crumbs (affectionately known as “pasta heaven”). The main course—braised short ribs— is slow cooked in broth made with ruby port and Madeira wine, which results in melt-in-yourmouth, flavourful beef. Dessert is chocolate mousse served with golden berries. Hofmann’s portion sizes are just right and the atmosphere is casual and homey, which makes for a truly relaxing and memorable dining experience. - Review and photo by Darren McChristie