Jalapeño Popper Taquitos



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The Price: The Basics: $20 Spicy ground beef, roasted jalapeños, queso cremoso, chipotle crema, salsa de arbol, cotija, and pico de gallo served in a crispy corn tortilla You won’t find these on your local gas station’s warming plate. The jalapeño popper taquitos at El Tres satisfy all sorts of cravings: crunchy, cheesy, spicy (and they pair well The Lowdown: with margaritas).The dish honours traditional Mexican tacos dorados ahogados while resembling the modern Tex-Mex taquito we associate with Mexican food. The roasted jalapeños give the dish an added punch and the savoury Latin American cheeses tie it all together. Balanced with a refreshing pico de gallo and chipotle crema, it provides the perfect combination of flavours and textures. Sure to be enjoyed by all—even those who typically shy away from spice. - Review by Emily Turner, Photo by Darren McChristie