Castaway Cups

By Jeannie Dubois, Certified Pommelier and Sommelier



Superior Outdoors


With the exception of a few short-lived deep freezes, we have had a blissfully kind winter up here in our northern nest, with its fair share of sun-dappled hibernal days that are growing longer by the minute. We’re almost out of the woods (I know, I speak too soon!), but maybe you have a trip on the horizon? Tis the season and March break approaches. If fairer climes beckon and you are jetting off to a warm, sunny stay somewhere, enjoy and indulge in all that is on offer. However, if a staycation is more your speed this season, you can still get the taste of far-flung shores in your own glass in your own home, with spirits from around the world. Whether the spirit is fruit, grain, or veg-based (necessity is the mother of invention), every micro-culture around the world has its own spin on how to distill a spirit that speaks of the terroir, pairs perfectly with the cuisine, and always has a bit of bottled sunshine from where it was grown and made. Like a seashell held to the ear for ocean waves, culturally rich spirits can have the same effect, speaking a secret language that, if you allow it, can be transportive, taking you to exotic locales through aroma and taste. Enjoy the journey!