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Director Kyu-dong Min, working from a script co-written by DaYoung Kim, Kyoung-eui Lee and Seon-hee Yoon, brings us a strange but engaging mystery-thrillercomedy about a Korean bakery in an ancient museum. The film is the third (and best) transfer to the screen of an original manga comic book called Antique Bakery. Kim Jin-Hyeok (Ju Ji-hoon) opens a bakery thinking that it will attract mostly female customers, from which he is certain to find a future wife. But Jin knows little about baking, so hires a master baker (Min Seon-woo, played by Kim Jae-Wook). Jin and Min grew up together and went to school together. Min had a secret crush on Jin and now, as an adult and successful baker, he is openly gay. His obsessive love for Jin has never ceased, but it remains unrequited by Jin. Though there is much humour laced in the script, the movie is not really a romcom, and is all the better for that (and those cakes that Jin bakes!) Cinematographer Kim Jun-Young lavishes his lens on these luscious delicacies so beautifully, you can almost smell them.