Queen of Me

-Kelsey Raynard



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Shania Twain Man, I feel like a comeback. Canadian country legend Shania Twain has returned to the music scene with her sixth studio album, Queen of Me. Throughout the album, Twain uses her breathy voice and tonguein-cheek lyrics to explore romantic relationships, friendship, and one’s own self-acceptance and growth. The album opener “Giddy Up!” is an upbeat, catchy tune encouraging listeners to live it up (and is the most country-leaning song on the tracklist). The album truly shines when Twain uses her signature brutal honesty and emotional vulnerability to tell a story; “Best Friend” is a nostalgic, short, and snappy tune that details the legacy of a long friendship, whereas “Pretty Liar” is a stronger pop beat that reveals a bitter break up. While on this album she veers quite far from her country roots, she ultimately delivers a fun and easy listen that brings (some) old-school Shania vibes as well as newer pop hits. Even though hardcore fans might leave this album feeling nostalgic for a bygone Twain era, ultimately she proves that she can still champion self-empowerment with songs that you can’t get out of your head.