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Ron Gallo Turning on Ron Gallo’s latest album brings a mix of nostalgia for novelty indie rock of the 2000s—that sound reminiscent of the Beatles mixed with Weezer, and talky vocals with a comedic edge. Gallo, the former lead singer of roots-rock band Toy Soldiers, lets out all his angst over social issues in his new album, FOREGROUND MUSIC. Anxiety and other distressed mental states are explored in the album, and with his range of styles, tempos, and messages, each track helps drop listeners right into a maelstrom of inner reflection. The title track delivers an honest representation of a sufferer of anxiety and high self-criticism, allowing the listener to empathize. The meaning continues to be the centrepiece of the songs on this album, as Gallo tries to help people understand a world dissatisfied with itself and be conscious of where they are going. His talky vocal performance in many songs let his comedic edge not be missed by those of us with slow ears. The highlights of this album of bluesy garage rock are the witty, neurotic lyrics that make the anticipation for the next song almost therapeutic.