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Szechuan Udon with Pork ▼

The Place: Golden Wok 106 May Street South 623-4291

The Price: $20.95

The Basics: Pork with udon noodles, several veggies including corn, bell pepper, and cabbage, served in a Szechuan sauce

The Lowdown: This Vietnamese/ Chinese restaurant, a staple of the Thunder Bay dining scene since 2001, serves a dish of Szechuan pork and veggies with udon noodles. The dish features large portions and great aromas, and the first bite comes as no surprise as the flavours of the stir-fried veggies, meat, and sauce are harmonious. The noodles are what you would expect from a top chef—not too chewy or soft. There is some heat, with sauces available to turn it up if needed, but it’s mixed well with the fresh vegetables for an even blend. It’s a meal that’s made with a Thunder Bay palate in mind and with the heart of Chinese cooking.

- Review and photo by

Paul Krasauskas





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